Standard Disco

The standard disco has everything you need for a great party, very smart, perfect for weddings and formal events. Including a black Starlight DJ Booth, Astro Balls giving a slow rotating mirror ball effect, Fog effects, Chauvet Gig Bar Flex lighting system, which has bright multicolour spotlights for covering the dancefloor with rich colours, Derby light effects which sweep colourful beams around the room plus white and ultra violet strobes for when the pace picks up! combined with a Yamaha audio system for rich enjoyable sound.

Usually a 6pm arrival at the venue, setting up for 7pm playing through until 12 or 1am.

Setting up time 30 minutes.

Weddings - Corporate - Private Events £245.00

White Wedding Disco

The white wedding disco includes a white Starlight DJ Booth, 2 x moving heads with exciting pre-programmed light shows, 2 x Astro Balls giving a slow rotating mirror ball effect, centre piece lighting effect which covers the dancefloor with razor sharp multicolour beams, Fog effects and American Alto speakers for great sound.

All pure white, perfect for matching room décor.

Setting up time 1 hour.

Usually a 6pm arrival at the venue, setting up for 7pm playing through until 12 or 1am. £345.00

Wedding Breakfast

Setting up earlier in the day before the arrival of the wedding party, I play an imaginative artistic selection of stunning background music during the wedding breakfast, like Michael Bublé, Celine, Adele, Disney, BBC live lounge, Movie Soundtracks, Acoustic etc..magical music the whole family from young to old will love.

A wireless/radio microphone is available for speeches if required.

The speeches mark the end of the wedding breakfast with the music being turned off accordingly providing a welcome break for your guests and a chance for the venue staff to reset the room ready for the evening reception. £125.00

Wedding Ceremony

I play a selection of beautiful wedding music for the half an hour prior to the ceremony while your guest are being seated, leading on to your chosen music for the processional, signing the registry and recessional.

I just use Bose speakers for the wedding ceremony music which sound amazing. These are Bluetooth, mains/battery powered and can be positioned anywhere.

This option is for when you are having your whole wedding day in the same venue. £125.00

Wall Up lighting

This option is to have extra lighting placed around the room, uplighting the walls and highlighting architectural features etc.

Below is a short video showing room décor wall uplighting working in music mode, these can be set to any static colour of your choice to match your wedding colour theme or just have pure white for the wedding breakfast, then in the evening switch to music mode and let the party begin! Made in Germany, these are super intelligent lighting effects that placed around the room bring the venue alive, with several built in programmes for endless possibilities and colours!

6 head pack £50 - 12 head pack £75