Prices and Options

Lock Down Wedding Day

Music £.175.00

Add some sparkle and emotive music to your wedding day. Its all about subtlety with this set up, not designed to get anyone up dancing just for guests to enjoy the music from their seats!

It includes an early setup in the day before the arrival of the wedding party. I play a selection of beautiful and inspiring background music during the drinks reception and wedding breakfast finished of with the speeches.

Including a white Starlight DJ Booth, white Astro Balls and brand new Bose audio system for breathtaking detailed sound.

Also you can organise a larger evening celebration later on for any family and friends who couldn't be there, so on a positive note you can celebrate your wedding twice!! This effectively splits the whole cost of your wedding in two between the two events.

And remember deposits and any monies paid are fully refundable if the event doesn't go ahead so you have nothing to lose!

Setting up time approximately 20 mins.

Suitable for 30 guest.

All current social distancing and PPE rules will be adhered to.

Standard Disco £.185.00

The standard disco has everything you need for a great party, it is very smart, perfect for formal events or general parties, it includes a black Starlight DJ Booth, Astro Balls giving a slow rotating mirror ball effect, fog, Chauvet Gig Bar Flex lighting system, which has bright multicolour spotlights for covering the dancefloor with rich colours, Derby light effects which sweep colourful beams around the room plus white and ultra violet strobes for when the pace picks up! combined with a Yamaha audio system for rich enjoyable sound.

Perfect for Weddings - Corporate - Private Events

Usually a 6pm arrival at the venue, setting up for 7pm playing through until 12 or 1am.

Setting up time approximately 30 mins.

White Wedding Disco £.285.00

The white wedding disco includes a white Starlight DJ Booth, American DJ Pro Moving Heads with exciting pre programmed light shows, Astro Balls giving a slow sparkling mirror ball effect, Equinox Shard lighting effect which covers the dancefloor with razor sharp multicolour beams, LEDJ Q5 spotlights for lighting the dancefloor with rich colours, ADJ Mega Par spotlights for back lighting, fog and American Alto speakers for great sound.

Usually a 6pm arrival at the venue, setting up for 7pm playing through until 12 or 1am.

Setting up time approximately 1 hour.

Wedding Breakfast £.50.00

As an optional addition to the evening disco packages, it includes an early set up in the day playing a varied selection of stunning background music during the afternoon wedding breakfast.

A wireless microphone is available for speeches if required.

The speeches mark the end of the wedding breakfast with the music being turned off accordingly providing a welcome break for your guests before the evening celebrations begins and a chance for the staff to refresh the room.

The wedding breakfast option is for background music only and shouldn't be counted as the start of the evenings celebrations except where you are having a late wedding.

Wedding Ceremony £.50.00

I play a selection of beautiful classical wedding music for half an hour while your guest are gathering leading on to your chosen music for the ceremony.

I Use brand new Bose speakers for this, apart from sounding absolutely gorgeous they are bluetooth, mains and battery powered so can also cover outdoor ceremonies. Only the speakers are used for this, either placed on a shelf or stands operated from my phone.

This option is for when you are having your whole wedding day in the same venue.

Setting up time 10 mins.

Wall Up lighting

This optional extra is to have extra lighting placed around the room to up light the walls or accentuate architectural features completely changing their appearance.

They can be individually set to almost any colour you choose matching your wedding colour theme.

4 Head Pack £25.00 - 8 Head Pack £50.00

Dance Floors - Love Letters

For starlit dance floors, love letters etc... I can thoroughly recommend 1st class weddings for their excellent service having worked with Ian for many years.

They also supply the following:

Wedding Stationery

Baileys / Tequila Rose Fountains

Led Lighting Backdrops

Full Room Decoration

Chair/Table Covers

Mirror Booth

Mirror Easel Hire

Ian can be contacted on : 0788 431 4818 or click the link below.

1st Class Weddings