Prices and Options

Standard Disco £.185.00

The standard disco has everything you need for a great party, it is very smart, perfect for formal events or general parties, it includes a black starlight DJ Booth, Astro Balls giving a slow rotating mirror ball effect, Chauvet Gig Bar Flex lighting system, which has bright multicolour spotlights for covering the dancefloor with rich colours, Derby light effects which sweep colourful beams around the room plus white and UV strobes for when the pace picks up! combined with a brand new Yamaha audio system for rich enjoyable sound.

Ideal for weddings, engagement parties, birthdays, award ceremonies, anniversaries, corporate events, proms etc.

Includes a 6pm arrival at the venue, setting up for 7pm playing through until 12 or 1am.

Setting up time approximately 30 mins.

Suitable for large or small venues.

White Wedding Disco £.225.00

The white wedding disco includes a white Starlight DJ Booth, American DJ Pro Moving Heads with exciting pre programmed light shows, Astro Balls giving a slow mirror ball effect, Equinox Shard lighting effect which covers the dancefloor with razor sharp multicolour beams, LEDJ Q5 spotlights for lighting the dancefloor with rich colours, ADJ Mega Par spotlights for back lighting and American Alto speakers for great sound.

All pure white perfect for matching room decor.

Includes a 6pm arrival at the venue, setting up for 7pm playing through until 12 or 1am.

Setting up time approx 1 hour.

Suitable for large or small venues.

Wedding Breakfast £.75.00

The wedding breakfast option involves setting up just the DJ Booth usually in the corner of the room earlier in the day before the arrival of the wedding party. I play a varied selection of light airy background music like Disney, Michael Buble/Rat Pack, Celine Dion, Movie Themes, BBC Live Lounge etc... popular to all age groups, you are welcome to make your own playlist or suggest favourite songs to be played during the breakfast. During the room turnaround the disco lights are added and turned on. A wireless radio microphone is available for speeches if required.

If we are tight on space I use a smaller German speaker system especially for this purpose that sounds lovely.

Wedding Ceremony £.50.00

The Wedding Ceremony option involves me setting up a separate discreet sound system at the back of the room an hour before the service. I play a selection of beautiful wedding music for half an hour before the service while your guest are gathering . Once you are in position I play your chosen music for the bridal procession, signing of the register and the recessional.

Setting up time 10 mins.

Wall Uplighting

 Wall uplighting placed around the room can totally transform its appearance, available in most colours.

4 head pack £25.00

8 head pack £45.00